How jangi Team is celebrating Valentine's month.

How jangi Team is celebrating Valentine's month.

A day in the life of jangi Accessories.

Read all about how we, as a jangi Team, are celebrating the month of Love this year. Scroll down to see what each jangi member has to say about their love for jangi Accessories and their must have jewellery pieces. 

ANGI | Co-Owner of jangi Accessories                                          

Creative & Curator

What do you love most about jangi Accessories?

Owning a business is an on going adventure. I love that I can be creative everyday with jangi accessories and most importantly I love sharing my ideas and products with everyone. However, running the business wouldn't be possible without my amazing team of Fearless females around me who are truly Fearless goddesses. Together we share , zoom, brainstorm and encourage each other daily to be the best we can be. Yes, life can be tough at times however with such a loving supportive team I continue to be inspired . Feeling absolutely blessed .

"My favourite piece of Jewellery is the Aphrodite ( The goddess of love ) Aqua calcite ring (SKU: GPR14). This beautiful stone Makes me feel serene promotes healthy habits & positive self-care rituals. I also love our soft pink Aster Austrian crystal ring (SKU: ACP3) - a true expression of love."


NICOLEZE | Marketing Manager  |  jangi Accessories                                         

What do you love most about jangi Accessories?
"Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence wins Champions!" - Michael Jordan.

I never really knew what it felt like to be a true family in a Business environment, nor ever knew it existed, until I started working for jangi Accessories. My Boss, Angi and Jan, and Collegues have taught me so much and I can only learn from them and from their positively spiritual outlook on life. We are truly a magnificent team full of strong Fearlessly Female Spirits. 

" My favourite jangi jewellery piece is the Aphrodite Druzy Quartz Ring (SKU: GPR28). As a kid I've been obsessed with textured surfaces and objects. I Simply can't get over this Ring's Sugar-like Textures.

Nicoleze also wears the Grecian Spartan Gold Tone Bracelet (SKU: GCB1) 


MONICA | Merchandise Manager | jangi Accessories (Cape Town Head Office)

What do you love most about jangi Accessories?

"I love my job because everyone shares the same vision. For example, working as a team where we all come together to brainstorm the best set of ideas. We are always there for each other and forms a wonderful Family environment. The most important part is the fact that I love the people I work with. I also love my job because my Boss trust me to produce high Quality work and results and I work very hard to maintain that level of trust."

"The jewellery pieces I love most is our Premium Crystal collection. Especially our Austrian Crystal Silver pieces like the Austrian Crystal Moonlight Stud earrings (SKU: PACE12) that go so well with my complexion. The best earrings for Black and Bling."

Monica also wears the Daisy Silver Bracelet (SKU: PACB9)


BEVERLEY | Merchandise Manager | jangi Accessories (Joburg Head Office)

What do you love most about jangi Accessories?

"I love working for Jangi Accessories, it's my dream job. I have always loved expressing myself and my individuality through fashion and style, and I get to do that every day. It's a joy to work with this team of inspiring and creative Fearless Females Of Fashion."

"My favourite piece at the moment is this Snake Chain Midnight Black Princess Necklace (SKU CPN3). It's easy and comfortable to wear in and out of the office and it expresses my personality.

Beverley also wears our Soft and Feminine African Princess Beaded Bracelet (SKU: PCACB4)


TINI | General Manager | jangi Accessories (Joburg Head Office)

What do you love most about jangi Accessories?

"I love the fact that I get to wake up every morning and work in a job that is inspiring and creative.  Jangi Accessories has given me the opportunity to explore my creativity and build my confidence in managing a team.  It's so important these days to be able work in an inspiring and supportive environment, where you are encouraged to thrive and grow both personally and professionally."

"My favourite piece at the moment is this bold and dazzling Oval Cut Austrian Crystal Ring (PACFR4), which represents my leadership qualities."

Tini also wears the Juliette Opera Linked Chain Necklace Silver (CFCN1). Perfectly matched with the Juliette Earrings.


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Diameter 16.6mm
Circumference 52.1mm
M Aus/UK
Diameter 17.3mm
Circumference 54.3mm
N Aus/UK
Diameter 18.7mm
Circumference 58.7mm
P Aus/UK


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